Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blogosphere: Meet Allie...

Hi everyone! I am a little behind updating my blog. Oh, I have new projects to blog, just no time. I will get it caught up this week! Last Friday, we adopted a beautiful puppy named Allie. She is about 16 weeks old, weighing about 18 pounds, she's probably going to be a big dog! She's a lab/boxer mix, and as loving, adorable, and goofy as they come! The kids LOVE her and Allie is doing great with them. Other than trying to chew their toys every chance she gets, she's doing so well inside! This picture isn't the greatest, she's a live wire, and it's hard to get her to sit down. We'll be taking her and the kids outside to the giant leaf pile my husband raked yesterday, hopefully I can get a great pic then! Allie LOVES it outside, so my online time is about gone with all of her walks. But, when it's really cold out, she walks out, does her biz, and runs back in. So, with winter on our feet, maybe I will get some time back. Thanks for stopping by! Projects and more Allie to come!