Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Simple Dishrag Set

Hey, everyone! I'm still working on trying to transfer all my followers (over 300 of you!) from my old blog to here. If you stumble by, please follow if you'd like to stay with me! I let blogging go for a while, and am now determined to get back to it. You all know I'm slightly addicted to paper, stamps and ink. I still am. I've added crochet to my list of 'hobbies I can't live without'. I wanted to share this one with you! so far I've made 2, but I plan to make 4, which is how many I should yield from 2 skeins of yarn. I love the twisted yard edging!

A lady in our church gave my Mom a beautiful dishcloth she had crocheted for Christmas. Ever since I've been dying to make one similar. Unfortunately, she's a master at crochet and apparently just 'knows' patterns in her head. Since I have none of those abilities, I set out to find a pattern that was close, and this one is perfect! Here's the link to the pattern. I am constantly amazed by crafters willing to share their knowledge. This dishrag set is really beautiful. My 8 yr old daughter insisted I could not really use it. Oh, but I will!

I had so much fun on this. I made 2 very quickly, and I am a beginner. I also want to make dishtowels to match! I hope you like them as much as I do! I'll be sharing many more crochet projects very soon! I am glad I decided to blog again. I've missed it, and creating is not as much fun if you don't share it!

Until next time...
Naomi Ball

---The watermarks on the picture should read the above blog address...the @ is a mistake and I didn't catch it soon enough.--- And now I'm too lazy to re-edit the pictures:)