Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food for my stamping friends!

Today was my monthly stamp club meeting. Due to busy schedules and vacations, we had the lowest attendance ever! I missed the ladies who couldn't make it, and I am sure they missed us too! I hold a spot in my hostess club to have one good month of stocking supplies that I use in our projects. This month is my hostess month, so I had to make lunch! I love that my club members bring a small, light lunch for everyone. It's fun and I have acquired some good recipes! I made both of my dishes last night so I wouldn't be rushing this morning. The first pic is a cold Surimi Salad. It was fantastic!!! It's basically pasta shells, imitation crab meat (Surimi), fresh red and yellow peppers, fresh broc, grape tomatoes, green onion, hard grated parmesan, and a sauce made with parmesan cheese, italian dressing and mayo. Definitely my new fave salad for summer!
And since I was doing ok health wise on the lunch, I sprang a little on the desert! This is a layered Creamsicle. The pic isn't great, sorry! I didn't think to take a pic as soon as I pulled it out, so it started melting. Anyway, you get the idea. It was amazing! Creamsicles are my childhood favorite that to this day is still top of the list of summer treats for me! I mean, who doesn't love Creamsicles? This tastes EXACTLY like one on a much larger scale. It's made in a 9x5 loaf pan, then I inverted into a casserole dish.
We had a great meeting, I will be posting our projects next! I love my friends, old and new that stamping has brought into my life! It's a pleasure to get to make lunch for them!

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  1. Well, I wish I was part of your club! Both dishes looks delicious!