Monday, June 4, 2012

Accountability...I need some!

This blog may be procrastination dates way back. I have good intentions. Heck, a lot of people wouldn't believe I have a massive list of things to get to, or that a few of those things have been on the list longer than I would like to admit. I won't post my entire list...Bloggers server may not hold it;) I will however share with you a few of the things I really want to get to soon. By making these public, I am to a big degree...more accountable to make time to finally get them done. So..without further ado...and in no particular order of importance...the List.

Master Bedroom:
Frame Decorative papers I bought 2 years ago...whew...hurts to even admit that:(

Master Bathroom:
Paint --- also painting needs to be updated in many rooms...will not list that. Bathroom has never been painted and is contractor off-white...blah!
Frame or replace the HUGE mirror.
Replace recessed light with pendant lamp.

Frame kids style.

Dining Room:
Decide on window treatment.
Add some sort of kids art showcase.

WAY too much to mention...
Refinish this kitchen table that I got at the Flea Market for $25. Finish chairs too!

Do some work updating the garage door.

I have an antique mini secretary type desk I want to start on immediately.
I have an old oval framed mirror I picked up at the Flea Market last year with an ornate frame...need to transform this too!

So, there. The short version of a ton of projects to be done. Luckily in my mind, most of them are complete. Now, it's just the DOING. I'll hope you'll tag along and see how I do;)

Until next time...


  1. I feel your pain of having way too much to do! I look forward to following your posts on here.

    1. Thanks, Jenn for following! I am REALLY looking forward to working on this blog! I won't be posting constantly, only because some of the projects I plan to feature will take some time. But, I am very glad to commit to getting to that list! I have really gotten into DIY projects, and it's always nice to share, and be shared with, ups...downs...and how things were done!