Friday, June 8, 2012

Kitchen Drawer Dividers...

If there is one room in the house where the issue of storage makes me crazy, it is the kitchen! Like most homes, we have one really big drawer...seemed awesome until you realize the back 6 inches is almost inaccessible. After....say almost 10 years of living here I was fed up. I saw a pin on Pinterest ( that place), and got to work. First...I emptied the drawer and found a new home (my Mom) for the nice divider that was in there. Wish I had taken pics of the whole process...I did this a few months ago. I went to Lowes and bought a few pieces of trim two widths...only used one size on the big drawer.
We had a few things that came out of the second drawer and needed to be in this one, so I laid the biggest things out where I wanted them and measured and cut the wood as I went...nothing is secured yet! We kept moving pieces until I liked the set up. I LOVE that both the big rolling pin and grilling tools now fit in here! Once everything was ready, we used Gorilla Wood Glue on the bottom and sides of each piece and stuck them back in. Once that set up (it was fast!), we turned it over and drilled screws into the two longest pieces for stability.
So, here it is finished. See how much more usable the back of the drawer is now? I LOVE it! I do wish I had taken the time to paint the wood white first....Lesson learned.

Well, that turned out great. But...the small drawer we stuffed with grilling tools, etc is now empty and my silverware needs a home. We used wood trim that was half the width for this one....we tried the regular was hard to get your hands in and out. We did it the same way. I have to say, this works better than any divider I have ever tried!
With my husbands help, we finished both drawers one evening after putting the kiddos to bed. It's much more organized now! A few months later...I still open the big drawer to get a fork...10 years of them being there takes time to get over, I suppose. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made a difference in my kitchen! I have a couple more kitchen ideas to share as well. And many more projects to get started on!

Cost of wood & glue --- $10. Not bad at all!

Till next time! ~ Naomi


  1. Great ideas! I have some plastic organizers that let me move the little walls around and it's great for the drawer with my kitchen gadgets, since they're all different size things. Expensive though.

  2. I love this idea i am gonna try it out